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Sun Clan Charter
As Proposed 3/95
Updated 2/97
Updated 1/03

Be it that the bravest and wisest of all adventurers desire to band together for protection and companionship. We do join together and vow all loyalty to one another. We shall become known to all others as the SUN Clan of Warriors.

Every Sun shall strive to serve the Clan with courage, honor and loyalty.

Every Sun will take vows of loyalty, to the Clan and to the individual members that make up this Clan.

All Suns shall support each other, even unto death, against all odds and all opposition. Believing that each member of the Sun Clan is as important as the whole, all Suns will be free to hunt, to prosper and to serve the guild as they see fit.

Every Sun will have a voice in matters of opinion. No Sun shall be compelled to serve but loyalty will be the bond that compels and inspires greater courage and honor.

To ensure justice and equality the Clan shall be governed by a Grand Master. This Sun shall be of the highest caliber. The Grand Master will have great valor, exceeding honor and have loyalty to the Suns such as to put guild before Self. A code of conduct shall be established by the Suns and all of the Clan will be bound to this code. Bylaws will be issued by the Grand Master to lead the Clan to greater Strength and Glory.

The Sun Clan of Warriors is then, a group of highly individual adventurers who have come together for a common cause. Thus we value the individuality of our members and it is not our purpose to impose names, titles, tasks, or quests on our members. No alignments shall be imposed on our members except that members may not be evil.

Our goal is to obtain knowledge and power so that each Sun may grow strong and bring glory and honor to all. We, the Suns pledge all loyalty to the Clan and to all the individuals that comprise the Sun Clan of Warriors.
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