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A.) No Sun may be a concurrent member of any other guild on any other world that the Sun's have an Official Presence.

B.) A player wishing to become a member of the Sun Clan must comply with any recruitment processes that exist on the gaming world from which they are recruited.

1.) Recruitment on a game by game basis: As the guild goes from game to game, different games will require different recruitment methods. Only games where we have an official presence (see Section V, below) will be allowed recruitment privileges. The Realm Master of the particular game will create recruitment requirements unique and appropriate to that specific game and will submit these requirements in written form to the Grand Master for inclusion (as an attachment) to these bylaws.

2.) Verification and approval: Every Realm Master will include these requirements in the recruitment process:
a.) The first step to becoming a Sun shall always be to read our Charter and Codes of Conduct.

b.) The applicant must fill out an application.

c.) If the applicant agrees with the Charter and the Codes of Conduct, the applicant must then find 2 Sponsors from among the current membership who have a rank of Warrior or above.

d.) At least one Sun other than the Sponsor and the Realm Master or his/her designee (which could be a council or just one other person) must approve the applicant.
e.) The applicant must write a letter to the Realm Master or his/her designee stating why s/he wishes to join the Sun Clan of Warriors.
f.) The sponsors must write a letter stating why s/he wishes the applicant to join the Sun Clan of Warriors and why this person would make a good addition to the guild. That letter accompanied by the letter of application outlined in section B2d must be sent to the Realm Master or his/her designee.

g.) Before being given access to the Guild Hall but after the preceding five steps, the applicant must provide complete personal information including name, address, phone, email and age.

C.)  No Sun may serve as an agent of any gaming company or game staff where s/he currently has a character and/or where the Suns have an official presence in any position, including but not limited to: Programmers, Managers Project developers, play tester or consultants.

1.) Compensation is not required to be considered an agent of the gaming company.

D.) All full Suns must be no younger that 18 years of age.


A.) At the discretion of the Grand Master, honorary membership may be granted to persons that do not qualify for or can not accept normal Sun membership.

B.) The limits and scope of Honorary Sun membership will be decided at the discretion of the Grand Master and/or Realm Master on a case-by-case basis with the following caveats:

1.) Honorary Suns may not recruit.
2.) Honorary Suns do not have voting rights in the Clan.

3.) Honorary Suns may not serve in any leadership capacity

C.) Children of age 18 or lower whose parents are currently Suns are automatically enrolled as Honorary Suns.

1.) The parent(s) are responsible for seeing that the behavior of their child(ren) is consistent with Sun rules and regulations.
a.) The child(ren) s behavior can and might affect the parents membership. Reprisals needed for the child(ren) should also be addressed to the parents.
2.) At age 18 the child(ren) may apply for full Sun membership.


A.) RANK: All Suns may have as many characters in any or all of the branches of the guild as they wish. Each Member (not character) will have a rank in the clan that holds for all branches

Sun Guild Master (GM)

~ The Sun Guild Master is selected by his or her predecessor. S/he is responsible for all Suns in all game worlds, the overall direction and growth and continued success of the Clan, selection of multi-game allies, ratification of all wars and treaties, has full power to change all rules, remove Suns from the Clan, and change position of members (demote or promote) at any time. Sun Guild Master can only be selected from the ranks of Realm Elders and above.

Realm Master (RM)

~ The Realm Masters are appointed by the Sun Guild Master (one for each Game World). They are responsible for the day-to-day operations of their world, making all Clan arrangements there and maintaining the structure of that branch of the guild. They have full power to remove Suns from the Clan, demote or promote Suns of their world, set recruiting guidelines, select allies and declare wars.

Sun Guild Elders (SGE)

~ Sun Guild Elders are former Realm Master and Sun Guild Master and act as advisors to the current Sun Guild Master and Realm Masters.

Realm Elders (RE)

~ Realm Elders are appointed by Realm Master from the ranks of the Nova and above They aid the Realm Master in running the Realm as needed. They can make emergency decisions about problem situations in the absence of the Realm Master. No Sun may serve as Realm Elder in more than one world.

Sun Guild Warriors (SGW)

~ Sun Guild Warriors must have not only made a significant contribution to the guild but must have been a continuously active Sun for a year or more (continuously active is defined as either active in the guild or absence with notification) Only the Sun Guild Master may promote a Sun to the position of Sun Guild Warriors. Sun Guild Warriors may serve as Administrators of new games seeking official status. The Sun Guild Warriors position is a lifetime position.

Realm Warriors (RW)

~ Realm Warriors must have made a significant contribution to the Clan and must have been a Sun for six months or longer. Either the Realm Master or the Sun Guild Master may promote a Sun to the rank of Realm Warriors. Realm Warriors can lead and organize hunts and events. Realm Warriors are permitted to sponsor new Suns and participate in all Clan hunts and events.

Realm Recruit (RR)

~ All recruits are designated as Realm Recruit. Depending on the game they may have limited access to guild chat channels and be designated as a guild member in-game while in the recruit phase. All Realm Recruit are expected to behave if they were already a full member and their actions reflected on the guild as a whole.



A.) An Official game presence is defined as a game for which there is an appointed Realm Master and which encourages active recruiting

B.) A Semi-official game presence is defined as a game that is doing limited recruiting and also seeking official status. A Sun Guild Warrior must have agreed to take on the job of administering this game and also agree to be Realm Master.

C.) An Unofficial game is defined as a game on which some Suns have characters and play occasionally. No recruitment is done on these games and there is no Realm Master or Realm Elder.


Definition: Player Verses Player combat is the willful use of force to directly or indirectly bring harm to another player.

A.) Sun Clan Warriors are not permitted to prey upon the players of any game world for sport, profit or intimidation, as these acts are considered evil and thus not permitted by our code of conduct. Suns found guilty of this type of behavior will be removed from the guild.

B.) Suns may engage in PVP under any of the following circumstances:

1.) For the purpose of self-defense, defending the life of a fellow Sun, ally or law-abiding citizen.
2.) To defend property, equipment and quest items from thieves or looters.
3.) To avenge a past crime against the individual or clan, including but not limited to Sun Sanctioned targets. To bring to justice a well known Killer or thief.
4.) Sparing, training or competing with consenting players.

C.) Realm Masters may make additional restrictions or changes to this bylaw if needed in their world. If no written amendments are made then this bylaw is complete for each world.


All suns are required to be active to maintain their status as a member in the guild. Members that are not active will be dropped from the roster and removed from the guild. If they so choose they may reapply through the normal recruiting methods for membership once they have become active again.

A.) Activity is defined as participating on a regular basis in one or more of the following areas. Game play, Role-play, Social interaction via Message boards and/or Chat Rooms, And Guild administration duties.

B.) Any member may request to be moved to the reserve roster if they will be unable to participate due to extenuating circumstances for a period of time. Members on the reserve roster are not given access to Guild Sites and may not participate in guild activities until they are returned to the Active roster. Failure to request reserve status will result in removal from the guild.

C.) Former Suns will be either RETIRED (left guild on good terms) or DISCHARGED (Left guild on bad terms or where kicked out).


Players and or Guilds that are considered enemies and sanctioned in any game world are considered Enemies in all Game Worlds the clan inhabits. Declarations of War are guild wide and not limited to any game. Lesser acts against members of the clan that do not result in sanctioning in a particular game are still grounds for close scrutiny in all games.
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