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by Boadicea_Sun, 1278 days ago

I called Eld last night. He has been offline for a couple of years now due to his health and other issues, so I call periodically to say hi and catch up. This time when I called, his phone number was disconnected. This is unusual... even when he's been in the hospital or nursing home he still had his phone. I only had the one number for him, so I turned to Google to see if he had a new listing. This is what I found:

I am still in shock. Eld has been a friend to me since LoK beta, and even though he hasn't been gaming for a while, he is still one of the best gamers I've ever known.

I hope that I'll be able to compose a fitting tribute to Randy at some point, but for now... I just want to make sure his death is noted by those he spent so much time with online.

Hi Ho Eld, you will be missed.


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